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The Shield was added to Netflix on January 15, 2013 on the service in Latin America. This was the first time that the popular show was available to Netflix streaming subscribers anywhere in the world.

As leader of the Los Angeles police department’s controversial Strike Team unit, Det. Vic Mackey is above the law, stopping at nothing to rid the streets of gangland thugs. His questionable tactics constantly place him at odds with his superiors.


The Shield (this season and every season) is an intoxicating head-gamer of a show that grabs you by the throat. — Newsday
Verne Gay

For better or worse, The Shield set the standard for what is now permissible on basic cable. It’s one of those shows I can’t imagine living without. — New York Post,Adam Buckman

Season 1 (2002) 13 episodes

Detective Vic Mackey leads a posse of Los Angeles rogue cops with a great track record of fighting crime. Vic calls the shots with the team, but trouble brews when a new captain who can’t abide by Vic’s renegade tactics is assigned to the precinct.

Season 2 (2003) 13 episodes

Det. Vic Mackey returns as the hard-hitting leader of the Strike Team — a experimental group of rogue cops that are working to clean up the gritty streets of Los Angeles by bringing down Armadillo, a sadistic drug lord, and the Armenian mob.

Season 3 (2004) 15 episodes

Season 3 begins with gang warfare causing chaos in Los Angeles. The crime wave forces the Strike Team to abandon its efforts to play by the rules. Meanwhile, Vic must adjust to a new supervisor while he navigates the perilous waters of urban crime.

Season 4 (2005) 13 episodes

With Capt. David Aceveda elected to a position on the city council, Glenn Close joins the cast as Capt. Monica Rawling, overseeing Det. Mackey’s drug-fighting unit after the elite Strike Team’s dissolution.

Season 5 (2006) 11 episodes

Taking down assorted scumbags, Vic Mackey continues to fight the good fight his way — which means no rules. But not if Lt. Kavanaugh — who’s leading the Internal Affairs investigation into the Strike Team’s questionable tactics — can help it.

Season 6 (2007) 10 episodes

Season 6 takes place in the wake of Lt. Jon Kavanaugh’s investigation of the Strike Team — a tumultuous time resulting in the murder Det. Lemansky at the hands of one of their own. Meanwhile, Vic learns of a plan to force him out of the unit.

Season 7 (2008) 13 episodes

Conflicted Vic Mackey confronts his greatest adversary, himself, as Strike Team’s crimes come to light in the drama’s final season. As Vic makes an immunity deal, the unit is caught in a crossfire of betrayal, leading to a devastating series finale.


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