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This police drama centers on Raylan Givens, a rookie U.S. marshal whose penchant for taking the law into his own hands, frontier-style, gets him relegated to a backwater post: the Appalachian town where he grew up.

Reviews of Justified:

An immediately addictive brew of action, suspense and wry humor, the show is grounded in Olyphant’s low-key but high-impact star-making performance, the work of a confident and cunning leading man who’s always good company.  — TV Guide, Matt Roush

The shaggily delightful dialogue, the deft pacing, the authentic sense of place, the rock-solid supporting cast and the feeling that you are in the hands of writers, actors and directors who really know what they’re doing–all of these are worthy reasons to watch Justified. — Chicago Tribune, Maureen Ryan

Justified Season 1 (2010) 13 episodes

Assigned to keep order in the modern, turbulent society of the Kentucky region where he spent his childhood, Raylan Givens finds himself at odds not only with the criminals he pursues but also with his bosses at the U.S. Marshal Service.

Justified Season 2 (2011) 13 episodes

As the season kicks off, Raylan’s investigation of a paroled sex offender brings the lawman face to face with a longtime enemy of the Givens clan. Later, Raylan has to save a pregnant inmate abducted by human traffickers.

Justified Season 3 (2012)  13 episodes

In Season 3 of this hit drama, Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens finds himself up against a fresh crop of bad guys, including an organized crime syndicate, an on-the-take politician and an ambitious crook transplanted from Detroit.

Justified Season 4 (2013) 13 episodes

As he awaits the birth of his child, Raylan delves into a 30-year-old cold case involving a man who crashed into a residential neighborhood and died after his parachute didn’t open. The investigation reveals a possible connection to Raylan’s father.


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