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A spin-off from Inspector Morse, police inspector Lewis returns to solving homicides after a long absence and partners with the clever, university-educated Det. Sgt. Hathaway, whose knowledge of the modern world frequently proves helpful to his old-school boss. The series is set primarily in Oxford, England.

Reviews of Inspector Lewis:

The “Inspector Lewis” series rises high above predictable plotting. The writing is sharp in terms of its social incisiveness, where it takes us and how it gets us there. — New York Times,  Ginia Bellafante

The Robbie Lewis presented here is a much darker and more complicated character than the somewhat bumbling bloke we’ve seen who worked with Morse over four previous series. — The San Francisco Chronicle, David Wiegand

Inspector Lewis Series 1 (2007) 3 episodes

This gripping psychological thriller tackles the universal question that’s at the heart of every country’s legal system: How does a defence barrister live with himself if he discovers the client he is defending is guilty?

Inspector Lewis Series 2 (2008) 4 episodes

In Series 2, Lewis investigates a burglary gone wrong, an apparent suicide attempt, a series of murders to which the only clue is a handwritten piece of poetry and the assault of a young girl on the Oxford plains.

Inspector Lewis Series 3 (2009) 4 episodes

In Series 3 of this crime drama, Lewis and Hathaway investigate the murders of an Eastern European woman, a rising theatre star, a man found beaten and drowned in his bath, and a young orphan.

Inspector Lewis Series 4 (2010) 4 episodes

Series 4 sees Inspector Robbie Lewis and his partner DS Hathaway investigating more murder mysteries against the glorious backdrop of Oxford, including the case of a college master found dead at the foot of the observatory stairs.

Inspector Lewis Series 5 (2011) 4 episodes

The fifth series of the hit drama returns as Inspector Robbie Lewis and his partner DS Hathaway investigate more murders against the backdrop of Oxford and the surrounding beautiful countryside.

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