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Fans of Downton Abbey who subscribe to Netflix in the United States have been waiting a long time for Season 2 of the popular British series. However, on November 15, 2012 the first two seasons of the show became available to any Netflix member accessing the service from a UK internet address. Update: On January 25, 2013, Netflix UK also made Season 3 available.

Reviews of Downton Abbey Season 2:

Julian Fellowes has created such a vivid group of characters and assembled such an impeccable cast–effortlessly oscillating from comedy to drama–that the hours fly by, addictively pulling viewers from one into the next. — Variety, Brian Lowry

It is big, beautiful, beautifully acted and romantic, its passions expressed with that particular British reserve that serves only to make them burn brighter. — Los Angeles Times, Robert Lloyd

Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode List

Episode 1
Welcome back to Downton Abbey where life has changed quite dramatically since the outbreak of World War One.

Episode 2
As William prepares to head off to war, Thomas returns to Downton. Meanwhile Lavinia is reunited with an unwelcome face from her past.

Episode 3
The Dowager Countess is determined to uncover Lavinia’s secret but will Mary help? And there’s panic below stairs when Branson offers to lend a hand…

Episode 4
Violet and Mary ponder whether Sybil has a suitor, while Lord Grantham tries to track down Bates and there’s disturbing news from the front line…

Episode 5
Ethel is struggling to cope and with Mrs Hughes’ help, tries to make contact with Major Bryant.

Episode 6
The war finally ends but Mary is under pressure to save her family from scandal and a Canadian visitor claims to have links with the Granthams.

Episode 7
Matthew has some surprising news and Ethel introduces her son to his grandparents. But will they offer her any help?

Episode 8
In the final episode of the second series there’s a mixture of joy, heartache and tragedy at Downton Abbey.

Episode 9
As we return to Downton Abbey, there’s tension in the air between Sir Richard Carlisle, Lady Mary and Matthew…

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