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Covert Affairs (2010-2012) 3 Seasons

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Annie Walker is a CIA operative who is yanked out of training and thrust into active duty. As she contends with the intrigues of international spy rings, she comes to understand she’s being used as bait to lure a villain from her past.

Reviews of Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs may not have the revenge factor of “Burn Notice” or the bromantic banter of “White Collar,” but it’s fast-paced, fun and every bit as charming. — Los Angeles Times, Mary McNamara

Covert Affairs is fun and clever and Ms. Perabo has panache in the role. — The New York Times, Alessandra Stanley

Covert Affairs Season 1 (2010) 11 episodes

Annie goes from CIA trainee to field operative in a flash, thanks to her gift for languages, her gung-ho attitude and her top-notch investigative skills — or so she thinks. The agency, however, may be more interested in her past than in her future.

Covert Affairs Season 2 (2011) 16 episodes

Peter Gallagher joins the regular cast of this action-drama as director of the CIA’s Clandestine Services Department, overseeing assignments for fledgling operative Annie Walker — who’s getting good at leading a double life.

Covert Affairs Season 3 (2012) 16 episodes

After her disastrous trip to Sweden, Annie returns to discover that she’s been reassigned to a new boss, super-smooth operative Lena Smith, and while she’s entangled in an investigation proposed by Jai, Annie also questions her feelings for Auggie.


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